Discount Solution - Eye Make-up Remover

For years, I have used my own Cocoa Butter Cream Cleanser to remove eye make-up, and because it does the job so well, I never bothered to develop an eye make-up remover as a separate product.

For those of you who have been paying dearly for eye make-up remover, here's an incredibly easy, inexpensive, safe, natural and preservative-free way to remove eye makeup (even waterproof mascara).

If you've already invested in either jojoba or sweet almond oil to try the discount solution tip about nourishing body oil, then this little beauty treatment costs only the price of 2 cotton pads.


Douse a dampened cotton ball/cotton pad with sweet almond oil or jojoba and use it as you would normally use eye make-up remover. Don't rub hard or smear it across your eye, but apply to the lashes as if you were trying to put on mascara with a cotton ball.
Let it sit for a moment (or gently 'work the cotton ball around' a bit), then wipe off.
This will remove even hard-core, waterproof mascara.

You're welcome.


Anna-Vera said…
I was amazed at how well this worked on my super-waterproof mascara! No more expensive eye makeup removers filled with all kinds of unpronouncables for me! :)

Thanks Lise!
kt679 said…
Wow! I quit using the cheap baby oil (petroleum based) method years ago and just used soap (gasp). I knew it was bad but I am cheap. Thanks for a new, gentle, alternative!
LiisK said…
I'm still using mineral oil, discovered this method 15 years ago :) - natural oils seem a bit thick for this purpose and I am also afraid my eyes will not like the natural oils that much - I get no reaction with mineral oil but oilve oil made eyes a bit puffy. But I must add - oil cleansing method works wonders with eyelashes! Long and strong and thick :)