How Chamomile Saved The Day

I woke up with a puffy, irritated eye last Sunday morning. (Isn't it just typically on a weekend that things like that happen?!) It wasn't an emergency, but my eye was irritated enough to where I was having a hard time not rubbing it, and it seemed to be getting worse by the minute.

I  made a cup of (organic) chamomile tea, saved the bag, and applied it as a poultice while it was warm (but not too warm). It 'attached itself' enough to stay where it was put, allowing me to walk around wearing it for a while. (My husband, who is used to seeing me in all kinds of face masks, didn't even bat an eye)

After 15 minutes, the puffiness was down and the redness and itching had subsided. The itching did return a few times throughout the day, so I just repeated the tea bag poultice (fresh bag each time). This got me through until I could get to my doctor, where it turned out medication was required.

The Moral of This Story

Always have chamomile tea in the house. You never know what it might be useful for!


Anna-Vera said…
Good trick to know about! What did the doctor say it was? And did he/she say anything about your chamomile treatment?
LisaLise said…
Hi Anna-Vera,
The doc was very specific and said "yup, that's an infection. You'll need some medicine for that". He asked me if I had used organic tea bags for the poultice but other than that, seemed pretty unimpressed by the whole thing.