Caffeine Sculpting Gel - Face Lifting Feedback

I've been testing a brand new caffeine-based product. This is not exactly highly scientific. Initial test results consist of observations of how Double Shot Caffeine Sculpting Gel works on me (a readily available and willing test person).

Toning, Lifting, and Other Magic

The 'lifting and improved definition of the face' is my initial interest. The whole idea of being able to get a bit of a face lift from a natural, safe, plant-based ingredient by mere topical application is the kind of thing that can get me all excited about developing a new product.

All About The Caffeine

To keep things as uncluttered as possible, I did a very simple formula with a bare minimum of ingredients carrying the maximum recommended dose of caffeine – a no-nonsense herbal gel that allows caffeine to be the center of attention.

How it Feels

The gel goes on well, feels light and fresh, and leaves no trace of stickiness. It's a nice change to use a completely fat-free product after the typically heavier creams I have been using this winter. The gel has been applied both mornings and evenings exclusively along the jawline and on the neck.

How it Works

After 9 days of use my impression is – caffeine ris making a difference! It feels and looks like the neck and jawline are a bit firmer. We're not talking huge, looks-like-I've-had-a-face-lift difference, we're talking subtle-but-enough-to-be-noticable difference.

Wishful thinking?

Perhaps, although I pride myself on at least attempting to be neutral in my observations.

The Breakfast Incident

Something did happen that convinced me it wasn't all my imagination. It was during morning coffee on day 7 that my husband (who has been looking at me every morning for over 30 years) – with no prompting of any kind – suddenly commented "what have you been using lately? Your neck looks different – a bit younger."

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. Have I become a caffeine fan? In more ways than one!

What's Next?

The gel is lovely and it's a great starting point, but now this formula will be tweaked with subsequent testing of the different batches. 

I'd like to add some extra hydrating and moisture-binding action, perhaps an additional skin-firming ingredient or 2. There are also other things to be tested – like: can caffeine really break down cellulite? And: how much it can firm up skin with continued use? We're just getting started!

Do Tell

Have you worked with caffeine? What were your impressions?


Anonymous said…
Where can I place my order? I'll take a double batch of neck lift!
kt679 said…
Oops. Odin still logged in from doing homework in Google docs ;-)
LisaLise said…
Ah shucks, I was sure that was an order that just came in .. :)