What a Simple Question Caused

What an impact a simple question can have. I didn't plan this product at all. This is all Anna-Vera's doing. She asked me if it would be possible to add some hyaluronic acid to the Herbal Repair Eye Solution that she has been using for a couple of years, and that got the ball rolling.

I sat down to tweak the formula to accomodate her request. What a great thing to ask for – adding plumping action to an eye cream only strengthens it's wrinkle fighting abilities. What a fabulous and totally inspiring question!

If We're Doing This, Then Maybe We Should Try That Too

Spurred on by the possibilities, I made a few additional minor alterations to the formula. To boost the silky feel, aloe vera gel was added. 

Other ingredients were 'rearranged' to make room for the newbies. Suddenly, a new eye serum had been created – one that not only moisturizes and hydrates the delicate eye area – but one that also plumps and tones.

The base ingredients are the same as the tried and true Herbal Repair Eye Toning Solution. All the additional active ingredients are gentle enough for the sensitive eye area, yet powerful enough to make a visible difference.

Does it sound a bit like this formula is a miracle worker? Time will tell. Testing of the Herbal Magic Tone & Smooth Eye Serum has begun even as we speak.

Thank you Anna-Vera. Your questions are welcome any time!


Anna-Vera said…
Coool! I can't wait to start testing it soon! :)
Anna said…
Den er ikke mindre end fantastik :)
LisaLise said…
Yay! Glad you like!
Anna-Vera said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The texture is great. I'm testing one eye with this one and the other with the 'standard' herbal magic cream. Will report back later :)