The Serum Sampler

Yay! Look at these cuties! I've finally found a supplier of mini airless serum dispensers that hold a mere – yet generous – 5 ml. (That's 1/2 fl. oz or the equivalent of 1 teaspoon).

This allows me – for the first time ever – to offer a decent sample size of my serum-type products.

Previously, I've tried putting serum products (such as Herbal Repair Eye Toning Solution) in a 5 ml screw-top sample jar, but it was far from ideal.

No Airless? That's Careless!

Texture is everything – particularly to a serum product that is made for an airless dispenser. Putting serum into a jar exposes it to air with every application, ultimately making it stiffen – not the best starting point for sampling a new product.

Gushings From a Geek

I know it's incredibly nerdy, but I was really thrilled to find these little cuties available (without the usual required minimum order of 10.000 units). 

The downside: because I am ordering smaller amounts, the price per unit is so high that they cost almost as much as a regular sized container (ouch!).

Despite this, I smile. 

Last week I couldn't even offer sample sizes of several of my products – this week, it's possible! Expect to see a few extra samples in your coming orders, ladies!