The Sage Saga - Taking Note

I'm monitoring myself. I'm trying to be very scientific about it – gathering data and making note of every hot flash – day and night.

The object: to create a clear picture (and discover any pattern) of length, intensity and duration. After the first 2 weeks of day and night note-taking, I'm surprised to discover I actually have an average of 16 hot flashes (of varying degrees of intensity) on a 24-hour basis.

Because it's easier to jot down a number each time (especially at night), I developed a scale. Every hot flash starts off as a '1', then may or may not get progressively intense.

The 'How Hot is This Hot Flash' Scale

1: a slight rising of heat from within
2: heat rush requiring removal of layers (clothing, bedcovers)
3: thin film of sweat
4: beading sweat (dabbing and light fanning required)
5: running sweat (wiping and constant fanning required)
6: queasiness (wiping, furious fanning and icewater required)

Now What?

When I've been doing this for a month, I'll do it for another month. The difference will be using a skin tonic/mist/drench containing sage hydrosol. I did this last year trying a 'week on - week off' without taking notes, and the sage did seem to make a difference. But 'seem to' isn't quite good enough, is it? We need facts! We want proof! Therefore, the gathering of data, which will be posted here when it's collected.

How This All Started

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