Mascara - The 2011 Batch

Spring is on it's way! It's time to think about making make-up! I've jumped the gun just a little in anticipation of warmer weather and the return of real daylight (which brings proper conditions for mixing eyeshadows and foundation colors), and done this years' batch of mascara for myself.

Black is Back

Normally I will play around with pigments and do a few different mascara colors (browns, purples, blues, etc), but this year, it's all about basic black. 

I've recently found an additional supplier of make-up containers that needed to be tried. I'm totally in love with the no-nonsense square design of the body and 'touch of elegance' swirl pattern on the cap. 

The brush bristles on the new container are somewhat stiffer than on the curved model. The stiffness makes it possible to apply in such a manner that the lashes are 'combed' and actually seems to add a bit of lash-curling action as well.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this new addition.

You Can Do This Too

This is real easy DIY mascara – a never-fail, perfect result every time. See more in this previous article