Hydrosol Mix of the Week - Neroli, Carrot Seed and Witch Hazel

For a few months now, I have been working on hydrosol combinations with Neroli (also called Orange Blossom) as one of the core ingredients. Neroli blends well with Carrot Seed, and although uniting these 2 creates a great skin tonic blend that can both moisturize and tone the skin, the scent is 'not quite complete'.

Therefore the quest for the ideal third component.

Good for Both Teens and Gran's

Last weeks' mix was a combo of Neroli, Carrot Seed and Chamomile. This week I have replaced the Chamomile with Witch Hazel. Like the combination with the chamomile, this mix is also showing all the makings of a winner.

Throughout the week the scent has remained constant. And, because this mix brings more of an astringent and balancing quality than last weeks combo, it makes for an ideal skin tonic for oily, combination and – illogical as it may sound – mature skin as well.

As for the scent: the fresh, crisp quality of the witch hazel offsets the sweetness of the Neroli and earthiness of the Carrot Seed beautifully to create a harmonious whole. I will need to tweak the amounts of each part a bit, but I believe we have skin-loving magic in the making.