Facial Exfoliaters - Take Your Pick

Below is a selection of the facial exfoliaters I work with at present, along with a short description  of each one. Each of these are effective enough to 'polish' the delicate skin on the face, yet gentle enough for daily use. It is possible to order the exfoliater of your choice in any LisaLise cleanser.

Ground Loofah Flakes

Just as a loofah is great for skin-brushing and gentle enough for use on dry skin, ground Loofah flakes provide a very gentle exfoliation and feel quite lovely while you are cleansing your face. Because the flakes don't dissolve, you have a constant feeling of 'exfoliating action' as compared to the other 2 exfoliaters mentioned here.

Mother of Pearl Powder - Superfine

This fine powder is literally invisible in a mix and cannot be felt at all as you are using the product, so you don't have the same 'feeling of exfoliation' as you get with the other 2 exfoliaters shown here. Mother of Pearl powder comes in several different grades, I have only worked with the superfine one (recommended for facial use).

The coarser grades are often used in toothpastes or for body scrubs. For personal use, I add a small amount to my Gentle Herbal Cleanser.

Jojoba Beads

These tiny beads are made from pure jojoba and will magically dissolve as they are rinsed away. They are completely non-abrasive and can add a touch of color to a product. Shown is a dollop of my Lavendar Gentle Buff Cleanser with a mix of blue and pink beads.  They are also available without color (for example, I use the white ones in my Citrus Buff Cleanser).


anette said…
Lise - hvad er din holdning til eksfoliering? Mange hudtyper kan vel nøjes med en blød bomuldsvaskeklud? Er der eksfolieringsingredienser, du helt undgår? Tak.
LisaLise said…
Hej Anette,
Tak for din interesse! Du har ganske ret i at man kan nøjes med en blød vaskeklud som eksfolieringsmiddel. Jeg oplever dog at man kan have en tendens til at gnubbe for hårdt med en vaskeklud, hvorimod man er ikke så tilbøjelig til det når man har fingrene direkt på ansigtet (som med en produkt der indeholder eksfoliering).
Der er i høj grad eksfolieringsmidler jeg holder mig langt fra. Nogle er ALT for skrappe til at bruge i ansigtet (fx abrikoskernemel. Det har 'ru kanter' der gør mere skade end gavn).
Min holding til eksfoliering: hvis man gør det korrekt og nænsomt, så er det ok med en daglig tur. Når man gør det korrekt, er det jo en blid ansigtsmassage, der også er med til at stramme op. Jeg bruger renselotion med blid eksfoliering hver morgen. :)
Anette said…
Tak for dit svar kære Lise.