Discount Solution – Nourishing Body Oil

Even though a personally formulated body oil with added active ingredients and essential oils is the ultimate luxury, a quality plant-based carrier oil will also nourish and soften your skin.

If you have allergic reactions to some products or ingredients, have sensitive skin, or just want to keep things simple, try leaving your body lotion on the shelf for a week and replacing it with one of these oils.


Apply sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, or olive oil after showering, while your skin is still moist.

You need only a few drops for each body part.
  1. Put 8 - 10 drops of oil in the palm of your hand. 
  2. Rub your palms together and apply to lower leg. 
  3. Repeat and apply to upper leg, etc until you have done your entire body. 

If you have never tried a body oil before, you'll be surprised by how quickly it disappears into your skin and leaves no greasy feel – just a healthy glow.

Should you feel the oil isn't 'doing enough' on its own, you can use a few more drops per application.

Where To Look

Find any of these oils in well-stocked health food stores. And, even though we are talking about a 'discount skincare solution', pamper yourself and grab the (more costly) organic product if you can find it.

Your skin will love you for it.


More Info

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