Discount Solution - Facial Exfoliating

The other day, I wrote about facial exfoliators and had a question from Anette. Because of her input, I was reminded of this little tip about exfoliation which fits right into a the discount solution series – facial exfoliating that is both efficient and free.

You'll need the following:

- a soft (terrycloth) washcloth
- your regular face cleanser
- 5 minutes


Apply your regular face cleanser and cleanse your face and neck with your fingers, massaging with gentle, circular, upward movements. On the forehead area, start from the bridge of the nose and move out to either side (always with light, circular movements). On the neck area, use light, upward movements toward the jawline.

When you are ready to remove the cleanser: instead of rinsing it off, wet the soft washcloth and wring it up. Now, with the same, gentle circular movements, remove the cleanser with the damp washcloth. The looped threads in the washcloth will gently exfoliate your face and neck. You may need to wring up the cloth once or twice.

When you are finished, blot your face dry and finish with a refreshing skin tonic.

In a Hurry?

If you're used to a 30-second face-cleansing routine, try to refrain from rushing through this. Set a timer for 3 minutes if you can't allow yourself to use the full 5. Your skin will reward you for it with a beautiful, healthy glow.