Cream Blush - First Attempt

I read the other day (on the Danish blog: BeautySpace) that cream blush is an up and coming trend this Spring. I've been meaning to try making one for a while, and this little tidbit of information inspired me to give it a whirl.

I have photographed the process to share with you.

Pictured above: The little jar containing the blush is placed near a business card so you can get an idea of how small an amount this first try is - not even enough to fill a teaspoon. The color of the blush in this picture is a bit darker than the actual blush. The color in the pictures below are more accurate.

Step 1: Mix Pigments

Mix pigments until the desired color is acheived. I started with a bit of my current (terracotta) mineral blush, then added pink and red pigments for a rosier color.

For mixing, I have a little hand-held battery-powered mixer that I bought from one of my suppliers. Before I had this mixer, I would sift and resift the colors together until they were evenly blended (that took forever – the battery-powered mixer is a dream to work with.)

Step 2: Mix in Pigment 

The pigment mixture was then worked into a dollop of Herbal Repair Toning Eye Solution a little at a time until the desired opacity was acheived.

I tested a few times while mixing until I was happy with the coverage. I use the same base when I make cream foundation.

The Toning Eye Solution has a light texture but is at the same time deeply hydrating, so the make-up actually doubles as skin care.

Step 3: Transfer to Container

The final product is transferred to a sample jar. The portion I made is less than a teaspoon -- but this was on purpose. I want to see if cream blush is 'me' before I start doing larger amounts. If it is, I have enough of the pigment mixture left over to do a larger portion next batch.

How it works

So far this little experiment has all the makings of a bonafide winner. The blush is easy to blend and tone into the skin, leaving a natural, healthy-looking glow that doesn't look painted on.

I think cream blush may just be easier for me to work with than mineral powder blush. I might actually start using blush more often!

Prediction: a larger batch in the near future, accompanied by a more appealing container. Thanks to Anette and Beautyspace for the inspiration!


Anna-Vera said…
Oh! I really really want to try this too!! I've on occasion used the lip color sample you gave me as a blush, but the thought of the eye toning solution as a base is much more appealing!! :)
Would you be up for mixing me up a full batch if we can talk colors? I'm happy to pay for it, even if it's to 'test' it out, since I know it's work intensive to do stuff like this on order. ('test' because I already know I'll love it!)
Lise M Andersen said…
let's talk. I think I can accomodate you. :)