The Sage Saga - Let's Get Scientific

I am now 2 months into the sage vs. hot flash experiment. The first few days into this 'week off', I experienced a continued low intensity of hot flashes – as if I was still using the mixture. OK, so it was a fluke....

Sorry We're Late

Then, just as I was getting ready to chalk this whole experiment up to coincidence and wishful thinking, the intensity and frequency of the hot flashes returned with a vengance – almost as if to say "oops! Sorry we're late getting back to you – we hadn't realized you were off the sage again. But hey, let's make up for lost time by turning up the heat."

A Month at a Time

My husband, who has been following this experiment with interest, has suggested doing alternating months instead of weeks. This makes sense to me, and I am now considering re-starting this whole experiment and getting serious about the note-taking.

This will mean creating a "flash-chart" and running around with it instead of a fan... maybe the 2 can be combined.....