Make-up: Making Mascara

Far left is the container from Urtegaarden
I have a confession to make: I have as yet to make mascara 'from scratch'. I've considered it, but always end up thinking 'why bother when I get the perfect result every time from (Danish) Urtegaarden'. Mind you, if you're looking for a 'lash-lengthening miracle' or an 'amazing, lash-thickening experience', stick with your present brand. On the other hand, if you prefer all-natural, safe ingredients that quietly do their job, I recommend this solution – most especially if you occasionally get mascara in your eye when applying it and want something that won't sting (at all!), cause redness, or blind you for the following 3 hours.

Get Kitted Up
Once a year I buy the starter kit from Urtegaarden (translated, this means The Herb Farm). The kit includes everything you need to make 3 mascaras. Basically it's a cream base, pigment, tools and 3 mascara containers. Admittedly, I'm not crazy about the look of their containers (although they work just fine), and will mostly use containers from other suppliers. The kit includes black pigment only. Because I like fooling around with the color a bit, I will usually add some extra colors (read: you'll need to order additional pigment if you also want to try this). My current batch (pictured) has a purplish, a brownish, and an all-black mascara.

Be Prepared For a Bit of Messiness
It's a little tricky filling the containers, but all the equipment you need is included in the kit. If you're used to doing any kind of craftswork (or have nimble fingers), you'll be fine. Also included are the complete instructions (all in Danish). Expect this to be a bit messy the first time you try it. It's a good idea to cover the area you will be working on.

PS: Urtegaarden has not asked me to endorse them. I do so quite voluntarily because these guys are serious about what they do, offer excellent product, and equally excellent service.

PPSDear commercial mascara manufacturers,
Do you really think we believe it's your 'lash-extending-maximizing-magic' mascara that is making the difference in your ads – and not the blatently obvious layer of fake lashes you've pasted onto the model?


Fru. Ekelund said…
Tak for anmeldelsen - jeg har sådan et kit derhjemme, så når jeg engang løber tør for super-duber-lash-extension-fattening-mascara skal jeg da kaste mig over projektet.

Kh Rikke
Lise M Andersen said…
hej Rikke, Du må meget gerne fortælle om det når du har lavet det! :)