Make-up: Making Blush

Pictured: the current batch of blush I am using.

Earlier, I wrote about making foundation. Making blush is incredibly similar, and, once the foundation is done, super quick and easy.

Not being a huge blush-user, I will usually make a relatively small portion. My preferred type of blush is mineral powder (as opposed to cream), because I will just as often use the color as an eyeshadow (either on the globe area, or in the outer corners of the eyes).

The Easy Peasy Blush Making Process

Starting with a portion of blended powder foundation, I just mix/sift in additional pigment in small increments until the desired blush color is achieved.

(see? told you it was easy peasy)

A lot of the time is spent testing the color. It's always a good idea to have ample cotton rounds and a hydrosol/tonic to remove all color between tests.

Tip: always test foundation and blush color where you plan to wear it (on the face – not the hands!).

This blush was all about creating a sun-kissed, bronze look. I've been quite pleased with the result.

Do Tell

Do you make your own blush? Do you prefer powder or cream?