Make-up: Making Blush

Earlier I wrote about making foundation. Making blush is incredibly similar, and, once the foundation is done, relatively quick and easy.

Not being a huge blush-user, I will usually make a relatively small portion. My preferred type of blush is mineral powder (as opposed to cream), because I will just as often use the color as an eyeshadow (either on the globe area, or in the outer corners of the eyes).

The Production Process

Starting with a portion of finished powder foundation, I just mix/sift in additional pigment in small increments until the desired blush color is acheived.

A lot of the production time is spent testing the color. It's always a good idea to have ample cotton rounds and a hydrosol/tonic to remove all color completely between tests.

Tip: always test foundation and blush color where you plan to wear it (on the face – not the hands!). Pictured is the current batch I am using.

This blush was all about creating a sun-kissed, bronze look. I've been quite pleased with the result.