The LisaLise Discount Solution - So It Begins!

I am well aware of the fact my products cost a pretty penny to develop and make. They're right up there next to some of the more costly commercial brands. Then again, you have to consider hand-crafting as little as 100ml of product at a time (thats 3.4 ounces for those of you who don't do the milliliter thing), using pricey, hard-to-source natural ingredients, tweaking (almost) every formula to accomodate the end user, hand-preparing and hand-filling each container, personally making every label and informational insert, and ensuring proper delivery of the final product to each person.

There is simply no way to do that at supermarket prices.

'Education' and 'Information'

I am pretty passionate about skin care. My leisure reading for several years has consisted solely of researching cosmetics ingredients, production methods, the cosmeceuticals phenomenon, and pretty much everything I have been able to find that is skin (and hair) care related.

The more I learn about skin care and cosmetics ingredients, the more I am confronted with how lacking consumer awareness is in this area. It's no wonder really.

For the most part, it is the cosmetics industry that is 'educating' us about skin care (and I do use the term educating lightly). On the opposite end of the scale, we find 'anti-industry folks' who seem to delight in using scare tactics to deliver their 'information' (and I do use the term information lightly).

It's confusing – a jungle of conflicting 'facts' – and one I will probably be wading through for a while yet.

Where's the Discount?? Gimme Gimme!

In an ideal world, I would be able to give my products away to anyone who showed interest and at the same time never have to worry about paying bills.

Because I would like to be able to offer something to those who have an interest in my products, but may not have a pocketbook to match, I can and will share some of the knowledge I have accumulated.

I know of a few skin care solutions that are safe, gentle, effective and inexpensive. Yes – it is possible to do a discount version of skincare without sacrificing quality. Therefore, as of next week, I am starting a series of 'Discount Solution Beauty Tips' that offer a low-cost alternative to all those pricey creams, lotions and treatments.

Stay tuned.