Julia Lahme tests LisaLise

In November 2010, I had occasion to supply the well-known Danish author, journalist and speaker Julia Lahme with a few of my products for testing. After a short briefing about her skin care routine, desires and needs, I created 2 personalized skin tonics and gave her a sample of my Herbal Repair Eye Toning Solution as well as a sample of my Bare Basic Deep Hydration Lotion.

On Dec 28, Julia posted her feedback on her blog.

With her permission, I have translated the article here. Below is a link to the original article.

Test Results 

Posted by Julia Lahme December 28, 2010

"Maybe you remember, long before Christmas, that I began a testing handcrafted skin care products. When I was working at Cosmopolitan, I quickly learned that if you are going to test skin care products, you owe it to the producer to give it at least a week. I will 'hide behind' these words, as I have fallen behind with thousands of things during December due to illness and the general mess and chaos that arises when one's child is bedridden.

But now that I'm back on track, I would first and foremost like to affirm that LisaLise's skin care works. The skin tonics I received lifted and toned without drying out my skin, and I would love to be able to afford to apply a thick layer of the eye cream on both thighs, because when it does this much good for my eye area, I can only imagine what miracles it would do in other areas. Five stars and two thumbs up for these wonderful products!"

See the original posting at Julia Lahme's blog (in Danish) here.