The Good Hair Day Spray

This past weekend I was finishing test batch number 4 of one of my products under development (lavender shampoo), and as I was getting ready to pack everything up, got a sudden idea for a nourishing hair and scalp combination that could double as a body-giving and styling hair spray – a spray that would make every day a good hair day!

Irrational Conception

Usually when I create a new product, it is born out of either a personal desire or a request from a client. It is normally a result of careful calculation and consideration,with planning, checking and lots of 'paper preparation' before any production takes place.

This product came straight out of left field without any warning.

Suddenly I was fetching additional ingredients from the stockroom, sanitizing more equipment and furiously writing everything down as this new product burst its way into being.

After finishing and bottlingit, I needed a name to put on the label (which also needed to be prepared).

Herbal Hair Styling Spray with Super Scalp-Feeding and Hair Enhancing Nourishment Goodies

A name didn't come to me nearly as fast as the product did, and I spent the latter part of the day trying to name this new concoction.

The result (for now) is what you see here. I will now be testing it to see if it actually performs as conceived, and to find the most fitting name.


Boony said…
Oooooo!! I definitely want to test this one! As well as the lavender shampoo. I'm almost out of my shampoo and am looking for a long term replacement. And to be honest, I'd rather spend the money on one of your products than what's available at the hair dressers.
Lise M Andersen said…
Excellent. Let's talk and I'll get you equipped for testing. I can tell you after using this for a week that it is inappropriate to call it a styling spray.. it has to be renamed.... it's more a 'hair and scalp feeding, gives the hair a bit of body spray'. (Still need to work on the name)