A Case of Cracked Fingers - Part 2

We are following 'A' , who has been using a personalized oil blend for extremely dry and cracked fingers for about 6 weeks as I write this. When we left A last, the fingers had been doing better, but 'A' told me there was a feeling that additional help was needed to keep the problem at bay. The oils were absorbing well, but, as 'A' described it, "it feels like I need more protection."

More Protection, Coming Up!

I made a lanolin-based hand salve to use in conjunction with the oils, instructing 'A' to apply the oils first, then the salve on top as needed/desired. (If you're curious as to why I use lanolin, please read a bit about lanolin in this previous article)

The Conditions

'A's' work involves having to wash ones hands several times a day, not helping the general situation. 'A' told me that the salve has been used exactly as one would normally use a handcream. And, even though the weather throughout this test period so far has been harsher than usual, 'A' reported "the salve has without a doubt been very effective. Normally this time of year my hands would have been much drier and with cracked skin in several places. Thumbs up!"

A's fingers after using both the oil and lanolin-based salve.

We Aren't Done Yet

'A's initial feedback about the salve has been positive, but there is still room for improvement. 'A' is very good about going into detail with feedback, and this has enabled me to (hopefully) understand exactly what needs to be changed in the formula for this salve to accomodate 'A' optimally. 

I will be reworking the formula and trying batch 2 very soon. Meantime, we both agree that it does indeed look like the combination of the personally blended oils and the salve is helping things in the right direction.

This combination is also quite effective for cracked heels. One client I made a similar combination for was quite pleased with how quickly 
(2 weeks) her heels healed.


Anette said…
Hej Lise, hvad er der i den spændende salve?
LisaLise said…
Hej Anette,

Tak for din interesse! Salven er lanolin-baseret for at give en beskyttelse der tillader huden at ånde. Jeg har så blandet lanolinen med andre fedtstoffer og olier (såsom shea smør, mandelolie, hasselnød olie), samt aloe vera og en mix af 5 helende æteriske olier. Salven har jeg lavet mange versioner af (skræddersyet til den enkelte), men alle til samme funktion: mod ekstrem tør og udsat hud.

(læs lidt om hvorfor netop lanolin her: http://lisepunch.blogspot.com/2010/12/where-does-lanolin-grow.html).