Applying Cream - Shall We Slather or Scrimp?

I gave a voucher to my niece for Christmas. It was good for one skin cream (or serum) and one personalized skin tonic.

Happily, she enjoyed the gift, and immediately reminded me of a sample I had given her a while back of my Multi-Vitamin Intense Care Cream, saying this was her product of choice for the 'cream/serum'.

She Scrimps

This took me a bit by surprise, because I developed the multivitamin cream to deeply hydrate mature and dry skin, and my niece (who has beautifully healthy, youthful and normal skin) was so pleased with the sample I had given her, she had been scrimping – using the smallest amount at a time – to make it last as long as possible.

I Slather

Now, when I am testing a product on myself, I will try varying amounts to get an idea of how little or how much the skin will readily absorb. But when I am not testing – and just using a product, I tend to apply a relatively generous amount.

All right, I'll be perfectly honest – I slather it on.

Which is Correct?

Because of my skin products are developed to 'feed' the skin, the best way I can answer a question like this is to give a food-related reply, and here it is: Apply enough to where you feel your skin has had 'a sufficiency' and is neither 'drowning in product' nor 'hungering for more'. 

Vitamins – Good For All Ages

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that my Multi-Vitamin Intense Care Cream can be equally effective (and desired by) a woman in her early 30's as well as a woman in her late 50's. It must be because vitamins are good for every age.


Katrin said…
You're right-- I completely skimp. In fact, today is the first time I actually used the Multi-Vitamin Intense Care Cream all over my entire face (I used to use it on dry or irritated spots ONLY!), and it feels amazing, of course. But this brings about another question-- I've had that itty bitty sample for approximately 2 years! So, what is the shelf life of a cream? The cream still feels and smells amazing, so I assume it is still good, but is 2 years too long to hoard such an amazing product?
LisaLise said…
Two years! Goodness, I thought you had a sample from last year. I'm impressed it's still going strong, but advise you to finish it very soon. The preservatives I use promise "up to 2 years". Any essential oils in the cream have lost their 'power' over a year and a half ago.