Warning! Body Butter Can Make You Fat!

Throughout most of 2010, I have been working on creating a Body Butter with a consistent texture (For the full story, read about Super Soft Body Butter in previous articles The Butters That Be and Better Butter Batch By Batch).

A large part of the process of doing a body butter is the melting, stirring and mixing of the different fats and butters – among these; 100% organic cocoa butter, and 100% organic virgin coconut butter.

Now, even before the ingredients are melted, they smell delicious, but when they are heated and mixed together, the scent is so appetizing that every production of body butter has literally left me craving 'something with coconut and chocolate'.

Something Coconut and Chocolate

I made a recipe that included the same virgin coconut butter as in the body butter. After a bit of experimenting, I ended up with 'no-bake chocolate covered coconut & almond müsli-bars'. Maybe bars isn't quite fitting. They're more like logs, because they need to be sliced to serve.

This homemade candy has become quite popular with the immediate family. I have already made it several times, and every time I do, the batch gets a little bigger and the ingredients list grows.

In the latest batch (pictured on the right), I added goji berries. They give a bit of extra chewiness and the litte dots of red throughout make these even more tempting.

Beware of working with delicious-smelling ingredients when making cosmetics. It can ultimately contribute towards making you fat.

If you work with 100% organic, healthy ingredients, you don't have to feel quite as bad about it.


Anna-Vera said…
Oh man! SO yummy!! I can't wait to try the newer ones with goji-goodness!! :)