Totally Dedicated

When I started out doing my own cosmetics, the oils and hydrosols that needed to be stored 'cool and dark' were assigned a single shelf in our refrigerator door. Dry ingredients and containers were placed on a shelf in the bedroom cupboard. That was all the space I needed.

That was then.

The Exponential Explosion

As time passed, my stock of everything increased exponentially. Before long, I had bottles and containers in several boxes in one closet, dry ingredients in several shelves in another closet, and oils and hydrosols had almost taken over the spare refrigerator.

Every time I wanted to make a product, I started by making a list of what I needed before travelling from cupboard to closet to spare fridge gathering ingredients with 'shopping' baskets in hand.

I really did try to limit the space by carefully stacking and packing things with tetris-like efficiency, but it got increasingly challenging and time consuming.

The Turning Point – Floral Cheese

At one point we had to admit that the hydrosols and essential oils in the spare fridge were interfering with the food there was still room for. When cheese starts tasting like 'some sort of flower' (as my husband described it), it's time to make a change.

A room was emptied, cleaned and prepared. A brand new refrigerator was purchased, and I moved all of my cosmetics paraphanalia into what is my present storeroom.

I was amazed at how much stuff I had acquired. To be fair, containers take up a lot of space. And if I don't have the right kind (and size) of container in stock, it's hard to make a speedy delivery.

The Dedicated Fridge

Although it's been a while now, I still really enjoy having a dedicated fridge for ingredients. And now that the ingredients have the full run of the space, there is a gorgeous smell every time the door is opened.

I can now also set the ideal temperature for the ingredients.