Skin Drench Tonic & Mist FAQ

I have had a few questions about Skin Drenches, Tonics and Mists. Here is a mini FAQ.

What is a Skin Drench?

Just as a skin tonic functions for your face after cleansing, so does a hydrosol-based skin drench function for your body after showering/bathing.

Are All LisaLise Drenches, Tonics and Mists Hydrosol-based?

Yes. There will on occasion also be Aloe Vera and/or a splash of Floral Water as well, but the predominant ingredients are always hydrosols.

What Does Skin Drench Do?

A skin drench does what the name implies: drenches your skin with nourishment – envigorating and moisturizing. Think of it as a fat-free, 100% liquid body lotion.

How Do You Apply A Skin Drench?

There are 2 ways of applying a skin drench
1.  sprayed directly on the skin
2.  in conjunction with a Himalaya Salt Bar

How to use Skin Drench with a Himalaya Salt Bar

After showering (while skin is still dripping wet), moisten a Salt Bar with skin drench and rub the bar between your hands. The salt will dissolve slightly, creating a skin-balancing solution. Apply this solution all over your body. You'll need to moisten the bar several times. Start with one leg, moisten again for the other leg, etc. For best results, allow your skin to air dry after application.

Can You Use Skin Drench On The Face?

Yes. All the skin drenches I make are suitable for use on the face. Just apply as you would any other skin tonic. A LisaLise skin tonic is also suitable to use as a skin drench – on the body.

What's The Difference Then?

There isn't really any difference. Because they are all hydrosol-based and completely alcohol-free, the personally-formulated drenches, tonics (and mists) can be used all over.

So, Why So Many Names?

It wouldn't occur to people to use a skin tonic on their body. I decided to use the term 'skin drench' with the intent of introducing a broader use of hydrosols. 

I could just as well have called it 'body tonic'.