The Sage Saga - Can Sage Tame Hot Flashes?

To test whether or not sage has any effect on hot flashes, I did a skin tonic and drench the other week that included a modest dose of sage hydrosol. After a weeks use, it did seem to have some effect (though nothing earth shattering).

One Week On – One Week Off

After a week 'on', I took a week 'off'  and made mental note of the hot flash situation.
There was a slight increase in frequency, but to my surprise, there was a noticable increase in intensity. Now, I know I'm not being incredibly scientific about this. I should be taking notes and monitoring very closely with time sheets, duration etc etc, but I actually do have a day job, so a line has to be drawn somewhere.

I find it funny that it wasn't until the hot flashes got worse that I noticed it. Typical human reaction: if things get better, how quickly we forget!

Coincidence or Chaos

It could of course just be a fluke, a coincidence – mere happenstance! As anyone who lives with hot flashes will be able to attest to –  the 'pattern' of hot flashes is nothing short of total chaos.

If there is any sort of cause and effect, science still hasn't been able to pinpoint it other than to chalk it all up to hormones.

Ok, I get it. It's complicated.

It is therefore entirely possible that the 'sage off' week was the exact week my hot flashes just decided to chill out for a spell. There is no way of knowing for sure. But then again, there was that noticable difference.

Getting Scientific

My 'hugely scientific plan' is to continue the week-off week-on with the exact same dosage of sage and keep an eye on the situation.

It will be interesting to see if the pattern repeats itself. I can already report – 5 days into this 'week on' – that frequency is more or less the same, but again, intensity (and length) is noticably less.

Am I on the cusp of an important breakthrough? Time will tell!