How A Freebie Inspired A New Product

One of my suppliers had a delay with a recent delivery and, as compensation, added a couple of extra items to my order – free of charge.

One of the items was a make-up container in the shape of a ball. The top half lifts up to reveal a mirror, and the bottom half holds a 5 ml well for lip gloss, cream blush, cream eyeshadow, or even solid perfume.

What To Put In It? 

After a few days of deliberating, I decided this container needed to be filled with something that would make good use of the mirrored lid. I've never tried making a colored lip gloss before, so my Ultimate Balm Gloss Pot formula was reworked to include some pearlized red.

As it is pretty impossible to make only 5 ml, I made the smallest amount possible and ended with enough to fill 2 containers.

Half of the mixture was poured into a normal Gloss Pot container (thick frosted glass with black or gold lid), and the rest into the snazzy-looking freebie.

Win Win

I seriously have to tip my hat to my supplier. They must have known this small gift would be good for business. Of course I fell in love with the dang thing and had to add this product to the list for my coming order.

Chalk one up for them. But, at the same time, I must blow them a (glossy) kiss. Because of this little incident, I will soon be able to offer personalized colored lip gloss. Chalk one up for me.

Win win – you gotta love it!

PS: The lip gloss adds lots of moisture and just a hint of color. This first batch has however turned out just a tad too soft, so the formula will need a bit of adjustment.

Bare naked lips

Lips with Gloss


Anna-Vera said…
Having tested this one, I LOVE it... Thanks!!
The color is just enough and the feel is light and silky. I really like the orangey smell too. It's great. :)
(I can't wait to see what other colors you'll end up making)
LisaLise said…
Yeah, I had to throw out batch 1 because it was a bit too soft. You are testing batch 2, which I am also testing at the mo, and it is working nicely. I'll have to compose a few colors for the next batch..