The Herbal Energizer Lives!

One of my latest hair and body washes is the product of some elaborate experimentation -– so much so that it has taken me a few weeks to find a fitting name for it. I wanted to try something a little outrageous and do an ingredient mix that would both feed the hair and scalp while helping to balance sebum production in the skin – a kind of all-in-one hair & body cleanser for men and women with (almost) any skin/hair type. (Nothing less than reaching for the stars will do).

The Base

The base liquid is a mix of 2 floral waters: Rosemary (INCI: Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Lavendar (INCI: Lavendula Angustfolia). These 2 combined creates a cocktail that both soothes and envigorates while cleansing. The liquid is added to 'one of my regular soap-based mixtures' (all sourced from coconut and/or palm oil and incredibly gentle, effective and non-irritating).

The Active Ingredients

For active ingredients, I've added panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5 which is beneficial to both skin and hair) and a mix of different plant-based skin and hair fortifiers sourced from corn and wheat proteins, brown algae and a few other plant-based goodies.

The Scent (and Additional Active Ingredients)

Finally, I did a mix of essential oils that are all good at promoting healthy hair, scalp and skin, not really trying to compose a scent so much as to boost the effect of the active ingredients.

The result? It's powerful, refreshing and has a scintillating scent that is neither feminine nor masculine. It reminds me a little of being in a forest. Almost everyone (male and female) I've asked to take a whiff of it has remarked "that's refreshing, what is it?"

How It Works

On me, it's a winner. After using it non-stop for 3 weeks in a label-less bottle, I finally found a fitting name for it: the Herbal Energizer.

It does need to be tested 'on other bodies and heads' before it gets a go-ahead, but from the way it's been behaving so far, it may just be the stuff that superheros are made of.


Anna-Vera said…
I am one of your lucky testers who got a whiff of this one, and I have to say... It smells great! I tried my test portion today after having been at the pool (despite a rinse, my hair still smelled of chlorine or whatever they use these days). But after using the herbal energizer, not only is my hair squeaky clean (in a good way), there's not a trace of pool-smell left! The consistency might need a nit of tweaking though (it was a bit watery), but lathered up nicely. It really was a pleasure to use: very refreshing!! :)
LisaLise said…
Hi Anna Vera,

Yeah, the consistency is a bit of a challenge. I use quite a few essential oils in this one, and they have a tendency to make the entire mixture runny. It's ideal for a foaming bottle, but on it's own, it needs some 'bulking up'. However, I have solutions for this. Remember you are testing version ONE of this product. :)