Hazelnut Oil – Nougat For The Skin

Hazelnut (INCI: Corylus avellana) oil is one of my absolute favorite carrier oils. It is one of very few oils that I buy in larger amounts, always have in stock, and use in a number of products: creams, lotions and mixed with other oils for direct application (in personalized Face & Body oil blends). 

Hazelnut oil is tolerated by all skin types (oily, dry, mature, combination – even babies), and leaves the skin feeling as smooth as silk. It really is nougat for the skin.


Although it is classed as a semi-fatty oil, hazelnut oil is surprisingly light and has a completely different feel on the skin.

It absorbs quite quickly, is deeply penetrating and even functions as a stimulant to the circulatory system. Hazelnut oil nourishes while offering a light astringent action, has a high content of omega-9 fatty acids, lubricates beautifully, and helps to rebalance oily and combination skin.

A Bit Demanding, But Worth The Effort

Contrary to the more neutral-smelling sweet almond oil, hazelnut oil has a distinct nutty scent that, although not strong or heavy, makes it a bit demanding to work with. The scent will not disappear into a mixture, but has to be 'taken into consideration' and worked into the whole scent experience of any final product it is used in. 

Luckily, the scent marries very well with numerous hydrosols (when used as part of an emulsion). Hazelnut oil is a staple in several of the custom body lotions I have done and is the main fixed oil in my Herbal Repair Toning Eye Serum.

Do Tell

Do you use hazelnut oil in your skincare?