Allantoin – The Extra Shield

Most people tolerate allantoin (INCI: allantoin). It has several functions in skin care, but the coolest is its' unique ability to help with tolerance of other substances.

Even a small dosage will guard a sensitive user from other ingredients in the product that may otherwise irritate. It's like being able to add a little extra protection shield to a product – really useful in products for extra sensitive skin.

Promotes The Healing Process

In body wash or anything containing detergents, allantoin steps in and counteracts any possible reaction to the detergent without interfering with the function of the product.

You will find it on the ingredients list for my Sensitive Scalp Shampoo as well as in the Reparative Hand Salve. Allantoin is a cell proliferant (read: it promotes skin cell regeneration and tissue growth).

It helps sensitive skin become more resilient. It helps counteract dryness and cracking, speeds the healing of wounds, and is well recognized as a skin protective agent due to its ability to help the skin retain moisture. Allantoin is present in many commercially-made products for sensitive skin as well as products for eczema and psoriasis.

It's a tried and true, well-documented ingredient.

Plant and Animal Sources

Like squalane, allantoin can be sourced from both the plant and animal worlds. The root of the comfrey herb supplies this useful ingredient from plants.

As for animals (are you ready?), allantoin is found in the urine from cows (and most mammals, though not humans). That's right – cow pee. Just for the record: my suppliers ensure me the allantoin they deliver is plant based and completely cow-pee-free.


Kim said…
Where do you buy your plant-based allantoin? I have never been able to find plant-based allantoin, so this makes me wonder whether the allantoin is really plant-based.
LisaLise said…
HI Kim - I buy allantoin from a local (Danish) company called Urtegaarden. You'll find a link to them in the sidebar (you'll need to view the web version of the blog to see the sidebar)