Who Needs Lipstick?

A selection of the lip liners I am using right now.
The only downside to doing your own lip pencils is the neutral design. 
Applying any type of label makes sharpening difficult.
The upside? 100% personalized color!

I've tried numerous kinds of brand name lipsticks – even those 8-hour-won't-come-off-no-matter-what-the-heck-you-do ones. If they didn't dry out my lips, they would either migrate to unwanted areas of my face, feel like I had just applied a layer of sticky jam to my mouth, or magically disappear within a moment of having put them on.

So Do Your Own

I considered doing my own lipsticks when I started doing my own make-up, but being the demanding creature I am, I couldn't find any containers that could pass the luxury test and be ordered in quantities of under 10.000.

I ended up doing a series of "fat lip liners" that I combine with my Ultimate Balm Gloss Pot, and darned if it doesn't give me color, staying power and moisture. I'm guessing the same would be possible to achieve with a paraffin-free, petroleum-free, commercial lip liner.

Do Your Own Lip Color 

1. Apply your lip liner of choice normally, then fill in your lips with the color. You now have full color on your lips with a matt surface.
2. Apply glossy lip balm to add shine and moisturizing action


Jenn said…
If I were stranded, all alone, on a desert island, I'd STILL have lipstick with me. It's my Cosmetic of Choice. These sound great!
LisaLise said…
Thanks Jenn, I am indeed enjoying them