Sage – Proceed With Caution

Sage (INCI: Salvia officinalis) in its essential oil form is so powerful and comes with so many warnings that I have been too wary to use it in any of my products.

It is said to be so close to the female hormone estrogen, that even a small dose (of very few drops) can affect the body in much the same way the hormone does. One would think that would make it a perfect plant-based relief for hormonal problems (and I believe it is included in some 'natural medicine' solutions), but sage essential oil is incredibly tricky to work with.

Likewise, a sage infusion is too impractical to use and can't be accurately dosed.
There have been some frightening accounts of women who decided to 'self-medicate' with sage essential oil and ended up in hospital – one within a mere few hours of use. Now, goodness knows I'm up for experimenting, but there are limits!

For years now, the cautions have kept me from taking that first step to work with it. At the same time, my curiosity has driven me to continue researching it.

The Challenge – No Sweat!

My main interest in sage has been for it's claimed ability to control and regulate perspiration. The essential oil is recommended for (limited) use in deodorants – but only if the user has no hormonal problems.

Just imagine if I could harness the powers of sage and find the perfect (and perfectly safe) solution to the scurge of the menopausal woman– the hot flash! This quest has kept me sniffing around the edges of sage, looking for a 'safe way in'.

Fight Water With Water

As hydrosols are gentler than their essential oil counterparts, I was thrilled to recently find a purveyour of genuine organic sage hydrosol and immediately ordered a sample bottle 'blind'.

I've never even had an opportunity to see – let alone smell – this product, so I hadn't a clue what to expect. The order arrived a few days ago, and I am happy to report the first whiff brought thoughts of cool freshness to mind – this is indeed a crisp tonic that smells of promise!

I am anxious to start working with it and plan to start slow by mixing with other hydrosols for a skin mist – just to see how it behaves. I shall update as I gain experience with this new product. 


Sidsel-Marie said…
Wow! I have never heard of these side effects of sage. Actually an old friend of mine taught me to drink tea made from fresh sage infused in hot water. In Turkey - where he comes from - it's said to be a cure for almost everything from a cold to a depression.
This was very interesting - thanks :-)
LisaLise said…
You are most welcome Sidsel-Marie.
Boony said…
I've drunk tea made with fresh sage leaves many times too. It is really soothing (and yummy). I've never heard of the dangerous side effects of the essential oil though (probably because I've never considered it's existence). I'm looking forward to hearing what you end up finding out!