Hydrosol Mix of The Week - Frankincense and Lavendar

When I test hydrosol mixtures, I will usually combine them with a few tried and true active ingredients (moisture-binding extracts), then give the solution time to 'marry' (read: I let the concoction sit undisturbed for about 24 hours before use).

It will then be tested as a skin tonic (on the face after cleansing) and skin drench and/or mist (on body after showering).

This allows me to get a feel for how the mixture behaves for different functions and whether or not the scent changes character over time. This past week I have been testing a Frankincense (INCI: Boswellia Carteri) and Lavender (INCI: Lavendula Angustfolia) hydrosol mix to see how these two 'feel about each other'.

Lavender Hydrosol

Lavander hydrosol smells nothing like it's essential oil counterpart. The scent doesn't have the same 'freshness factor'. It's a bit deeper, less herbal. I'd characterize it as borderline musty. Quite honestly, the scent doesn't really float my boat. However, the hydrosol has so many beneficial properties going for it, that I have long been interested in incorporating it into products without the scent detracting from the experience.

Frankincense Hydrosol

Frankincense hydrosol has a beautiful, golden, resin-like smell, that is positively exotic – very similar to its essential oil counterpart. It can however, be 'a bit much' on its own. I have for this reason been on the lookout for an appropriate partner to the hydrosol.

Instant friends

Combining these two has been a good experience, and one that definitely warrants further testing. I will be doing more batches, tweaking the amounts until I get the best balance - perhaps even introducing a splash of a third hydrosol.