How to Apply a Face Oil

A lot of people ask me what's so special about putting oil on your face. My answer is always the same: a properly mixed personalized face oil will nourish, soften, balance sebum (helping either very dry or very oily skin), strengthen the underlying cellular layers, fight wrinkles, heal scars and acne, and help firm the skin.

(not all at once, but almost!)

A properly applied oil will not leave your face feeling greasy or oily, but will simply melt into your skin and do it's work, providing you with the perfect base for your daily moisturizer.
After having used face and body oils for years, I fully understand the ancient Egyptians appreciation of topically-applied oils for health and well being. They literally do feed your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.

Here's how to apply a face oil

This may sound complicated, but it takes less than a minute to do.
1. Always start with freshly washed skin that is still damp (but not wet)
2. Drop 4-6 drops face oil into the palm of one hand and quickly spread the oil between your palms so it is evenly dispersed. Be sure your fingertips are included.
3. Apply immediately to your face in light, upward strokes, starting with the cheeks.
4. Tap gently around the eye area, then continue with gentle upward strokes on the forehead.
5. Pinch along your jawline lightly, starting from the chin and working outwards towards each ear.
6. Finish with your neck in gentle, upward strokes.