Golden Gloss Pot Giveaway -Take 2

The participation for this giveaway has been slow and I happened to mention it in a conversation today. Lucky I did, because the person I spoke with responded with all kinds of great input! She said it was confusing with all the registering and clicking around. She also commented  "if I didn't know you, I would think you were trying to build up a customer mailing list so you could spam me later."


If you have been hesitant about participating for any of these reasons, I do apologize. My sole purpose of doing a giveaway was to get to know a bit about the people reading this blog.

Take 2

I have made some changes to the page and slimmed down the process.  You no longer need to click to the LisaLise site, nor do you need to give me your email or any other information up front. You only need to post a comment on the Golden Glosspot Giveaway page to participate.