The Whitest White

If you've ever swallowed a pill, put on make-up, painted a wall, drunk a glass of skimmed milk, put on sunscreen, brushed your teeth, or gotten a tattoo, you've most likely been in contact with titanium dioxide.

It is the most predominant source of white pigment in the world, accounting for over 70% of the total production volume. Oddly, its production emerged in 1916 simultaneously in 2 different parts of the world: the US (Titanium Pigment Corporation) and Norway (Titan Co. A/S). This 'new white pigment' would replace the (health-hazardous) lead-based products.

Today, it is used to provide opacity and white color to everything from plastics to foods and toothpastes. Titanium dioxide is – in the world of paint – referred to as 'the whitest white' or 'the perfect white'. It's neutral enough to be acceptable for use in baby products and when taken internally (for example as part of a pill), passes through the human system without causing any known damage or any adverse reactions.

It's your sun block

Titanium dioxide has been accepted for years world-wide as a safe sun barrier and therefore present in many sunblocks on the market today. Adding a mere 5% to a product gives a sun protection factor (SPF) of approx.10. Adding 10% gives the product an SPF of 15-20.

Check the SPF factor of the mineral foundation you are using and you will have a pretty good idea as to what percentage of the product contains titanium (and/or zinc) dioxide.

Do Tell

Do you use titanium dioxide in your skincare products?


Anonymous said…
where can I buy this? i live in the United States in California..
LisaLise said…
Hi Anon - I'd look at DIY cosmetics (check under links on the sidebar). In the US, I've heard Rose Mountain Herbs recommended by many, but don't know if they have titanium dioxide. Donæt have a link , but I imagine they would pop up right away if you google the name. Good luck!