That Feeling of Luxury

I admit I'm a fan of 'the luxury factor' of cosmetics and make-up. I like the fancy bottles and jars with the appealing labels, the beautifully designed informational folder - the whole package. 

When you're doing custom products, it's a no-brainer you have to do your best to deliver that luxury feeling with every product you make.

Since I don't mass-produce, I can't order 10.000 units of any type of container (cosmetics packaging companies usually have this as a minimum order size). My constant and ongoing quest for practical, environmentally-friendly and (just as important), great-looking jars, bottles and packaging has been more challenging than finding the ingredients to make the contents. 

Although it is not an impossible task, choices are seriously limited and the price per unit is high enough to cause me to think twice about exactly how many containers I need before placing an order.

The upside is having the freedom to change your packaging as needed and to personalize every delivery.

I am finding the choices in airless jars and bottles growing. The airless container is ideal for a plant-based, hand-crafted product. There is no way you can introduce any kind of bacteria to the product as you don't dip your fingers into it. And, quite honestly, I think they look worthy of the product they contain. 

Here is a peek at the packaging for a recent order of eye solution. I added a little organza bag - a lavender sachet - as an extra treat because this customer likes lavender. When she opens the bag, she'll be greeted with a lovely, light scent.

The back of the bag is sealed with a sticker. You can just see the edges of the info-folder with ingredients list and instructions for use behind the card.


kt679 said…
How you doing working on those shipping charges to the US? ;-D
LisaLise said…
I do send to folks in the US