Rosemary Rumours

They say rosemary (INCI: Rosmarinus Officinalis*) has magical powers. Aromatherapists will tell you that the essential oil is mentally stimulating and aids in detoxifying the body as well as aiding in the regeneration of aging skin. They even claim it will help balance the nervous system without having a sedating effect.

An infusion (tea) or hydrosol of rosemary is said to be great for your hair and scalp in that it stimulates hair follicles and growth. Rosemary is even rumoured to slow down (or reverse!) the greying of hair. I have a hair rinse (Rosemary Final Rinse) that I use daily, regardless of having washed my hair. Basically, it's a rosemary and lavendar floral water mix that I pour onto my wet hair, then lightly massage the scalp. It leaves my hair soft, and I find it pleasantly stimulating for the scalp.

Now, this could be wishful thinking on my part, but it seems to me the amount of grey in my hair isn't as plentiful as it used to be. It could also very well just be me getting used to the fact that I'm not 20 any more. However, when my hairdresser mentions to me – incredulously – that my 'grey count' seems to be diminishing, I can't help but take note. 

Is it my hair rinse? 

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't tell you. The thought that my hair rinse could be working this kind of magic is incredible. If I had been a bit more scientific about everything from the beginning, I would have taken closeup pics of skin, hair, nails, wrinkles, spots, dry patches, etc before I started doing my own products. 

Sorry to disappoint. I wasn't looking for the elixir of youth (well, ok, maybe a little...). I was mostly trying to cut back on the amount of chemicals in my everyday skin and hair products. The alleged diminishing of the grey – real or not – is however, a wonderful added bonus.

* any time you see an INCI/Latin name with "officinalis", it means the herb/plant has a history of medicinal use.