Propylparaben - Another One Bites The Dust

Well, color me corrected! There are more than 2 parabens under observation for possible hormonal interference. Propylparaben (which I proclaimed in an earlier posting as being among the innocents) is indeed on the 'needs further study' list.

The Danish Environmental Board has published information on this here. (For those of you who don't read Danish, don't bother clicking the link). A quick translation of the relevant paragraph:

"A comprehensive study by the Committee for Consumer Products concluded in 2005 that methylparaben and ethylparaben did not show any risk factors when used in cosmetics within the allowed amounts.
As for the remaining parabens (propylparaben, isopropylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben), there was insufficient information and we are therefore unable to conclude whether or not there are any risks of hormonal interference. These parabens will be kept under observation. There is still inconclusive evidence on the amount of paraben that kan be absorbed through the skin and whether or not it is subsequently broken down. There is no information about possible effects on the reproductive organs."

My thanks to Regitze for pointing me towards this info.

For the record: there are no parabens in any of my leave-on products (cream, face cleansers, serum, hair conditioner, body oil) at this time. There are, at the moment, parabens in the following (rinse-off) products: Hair & Body Foam Wash.

The parabens I use do include propylparaben. I shall be looking into alternatives for my lathery wash-off products.