Mixing Hydrosols - A Softer Solution

Since my recent discovery of a new supplier of hydrosols and the wide selection they offer, I've been having a grand old time mixing and matching them for what will eventually be a new series of skin drenches and tonics.

Having new (all 100% organic) ingredients to work with is always inspiring, but when they are hydrosols – I just get downright giddy. Admittedly, it's geeky to get so excited over a selection of new ingredients, but I prefer to liken it to a painter discovering a whole palette of colors – doors are suddenly thrown open to a whole world of creative possibilities!

As an aromatherapist studies combining essential oils to create a synergistic mix for a specific purpose, so is this possible with hydrosols – but in a 'toned back' kind of way. Because, even though they carry some similar properties to their essential oil counterparts, hydrosols aren't nearly as potent.

They are, in essence, the perfect solution for creating a softer solution. I shall be sharing my findings with the different hydrosols in this blog as results begin to emerge.