Heavenly Himalaya Salt

When I first heard about Himalayan Crystal Salt, I thought the name sounded like something out of a fairy tale. Seeing the appealing, subtly pink color and quartz-like surface underlined my first impression. 

'How could salt be pink?' I thought. 

But it was. 

Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas, the salt is said to contain up to 87 beneficial minerals (although a Bavarian consumer protection agency could only find a total of 10 minerals in a 2003 test). It is also said to be untouched by pollution (I have no further info on whether or not this is true). 

The crystals have been formed under gazillions of years (there are widely varying accounts of the number of millions) of tectonic pressure, creating the rock salt we see on the market today.

There are 
a lot of stories about the benefits of Himalayan Crystal salt – for both internal and external use.  I have not studied them all in depth because my main interest in this product has been for external use. My experience with it has been that it is surprisingly beneficial to my skin, taking care of such things as itching and dryness (even persistent dry patches).

Purveyors of the product recommend immersing oneself into a "sol-bath" where the salts are dissolved in a bathtub (particularly beneficial for sufferers of psoriasis). Living in a tub-less home, I was pleased to discover the Salt Bar, which offers the same properties in a shower-friendly format. (also, it's a darn sight quicker to use).

Here's how to use it

After showering (while skin is still dripping wet), moisten the Salt Bar and rub between your hands. The salt will dissolve slightly, creating a skin-balancing solution. Apply this solution all over your body. You'll need to moisten the bar several times. 

For example, start with one leg, moisten again for the other leg, etc. For best results, don't towel dry your skin, but allow it to air dry. (You can use the time and your towel to wipe down the shower area if you get bored waiting.)

Being the hydrosol fan I am, I always moisten the bar with a Skin Drench or hydrosol mix that I am testing. I find this combination sufficient as a body lotion during the summer months.

Note: as this is rock salt, it will break if dropped and can shatter with sharp edges. If this happens, you can still use the pieces, but to avoid scratching your skin, be sure to "file" down the sharp edges by dissolving them (easiest if you rub on a wet shower floor).


kt679 said…
I had never heard of this. So cool! I'm going to look for this at local GR stores...just not sure about evaporation method of drying off. Brrrrrrrr!
LisaLise said…
Yeah, it helps if you have a heated floor in the bathroom