Cleaning with Clay

Who says you need soap to wash your face?

When I started making my own cosmetics, one of the first products I wanted to create was a face cleanser that didn't dry out my skin. I was tired of it feeling 'tight' every time I washed my face. 

I had been through quite a few brands, and although I would on occasion find one that did a decent job of cleansing, it would inevitably have some other flaw (a texture, scent, undesirable ingredient, etc.) that caused me to continue searching.

Convinced there must be a way to compose a gentle and effective cleanser that wouldn't leave the skin feeling dry, I started studying ingredients, then mixing and creating products. Experience had already taught me that soap can be an unnecessarily harsh ingredient for facial use.

After a few tries .... (skip forward about 4 years and numerous batches), I found a combination of ingredients that works great for my mature skin (as well as my testers of all ages with normal skin). 

I'm happy to share the secret ingredient with you – clay. It was the addition of clay to the mixture that provided the final boost and left my skin feeling fabulous.

What's so special about clay?

If you've ever tried a natural clay mask, you probably remember how refreshed your skin felt afterwards. Clays contain minerals and active enzymes, are detoxifying, help stimulate circulation, and help tone the skin. 

They are available in several types – each with their own special properties in a multitude of all-natural colors. The clays I have worked with come from either France, Australia or Morocco.

I have not as yet had occasion to create a daily-use face cleanser for oily skin, but wouldn't mind giving it a shot. I don't expect it would take quite as long to develop as the first ones.