Behold The Birth of Bare Basic

I have had several occasions as of late to develop products for people with extremely sensitive, allergenic or dry skin. To keep the ingredients list as short as possible (always a good idea when making a product for extra-sensitive skin), I have reworked a few tried and true formulas, paring back to the basics. 

What to name these new products? 

Bare Basic came as a natural extension.

The Bare Basic products are completely free of added scent (although the scents I use are all made with all-natural essential oils, some people can be sensitive to them). They are all made with the mildest, most neutral of plant-based ingredients I can source, and are paraben-free (sorry, Ethyl and Methyl).

So far, the products number only 2: Bare Basic Sun Lotion and Bare Basic Deep Hydration Lotion. These are both testing very well.

Future plans are to expand Bare Basic into a series that will include the following:

Bare Basic Night Serum
Bare Basic Day Serum
Bare Basic Hair and Body Wash

As for my own use: 

 Although I personally test-use every product I make (for an extended period of time), I am constantly inspired to try new active ingredients, plant extracts and essential oil combinations. 

I want the full, luxury package with all the miracle, anti-aging trimmings in a safe, plant-based product. That isn't too much to ask, is it?