Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Difference 3 Drops Make

This happened last Fall while I was formulating a series of products for a client.

Part of the series included 2 versions of a balm: one unscented, one scented.

The balm ingredients consisted of butters, waxes, and a combination of special fixed oils.

Pictured: batch 1 of both versions. The little S sticker on the lid is the scented version. And I know you've already guessed what the U stands for.

Hardly There, Please

The client was not kidding when she said lightly scented. The brief was for a 'very very light whisper of a scent – something etheric – more a feeling than an actual discernable fragrance.'

I mentally translated this to 0.08 %.

If you're doing a small batch and working with drops (even though it's not really the right way), that's about 3 drops per 100 grams of balm.

That's all it took to make such a difference in how this balm set. The above picture was taken the day after this batch was made.

Interesting, eh?

A mere 3 drops of essential oil can make this kind of difference in an otherwise identical formula.

So, Why?

Can I explain the exact reason for this reaction? Nope. I could maybe guesstimate a few things because of my experience and 2 new-to-me ingredients, but they would be guesstimations.

I can tell you this: take notes as you go along and your knowledge will accumulate over time.

Do Tell

Have you experienced this kind of reaction to products you have worked on?

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