Under Development

Even though some of these may look like finished products, most of them are under development. I tend to try out different containers while going through the different generations of formulas.

Development and testing of a series of products featuring shea butter for this DIY e-book - published October 2016. 

Series of glycerites using fresh food  - throughout 2016

Series of powdered face cleansers - since 2015

On-the-go skin rejuvinator with hyaluronic acid in a rose hydrosol base - since Spring 2015

Multifunctional cleanser with plant-based surfactants undergoing testing - since late Spring 2015

Luxury Lotion Bars - ongoing since 2013

Gentle surfactant mix for all-over hair and body use - since 2011

Lip and cheek tint - since 2013

No soap face cleanser with ayurvedic powders, clay, fats and oils - ongoing since 2014

Gel-based face mask designed to be left on for as long as one pleases while remaining both comfortable and undetectable to others.

Luxury whipped body butter with kpangnan butter, shea, and calendula-infused almond oil - since 2014

Stick deodorant 2012. 
Shea-based tinted lipstick –  2013. The challenge: to create a shea-based product that is consistently stable.

Eyelash conditioner developed in 2013

Developed 2012: a curl coddling frappé that moisturizes and provides hold for curls, kinks and coils.

On the left: Conditioner for coily-kinky-curly hair
On the right: Curl Loving Scalp Cleanser and Shampoo for coily-kinky-curly hair
Both products have been documented as a case-study on this blog.