Welcome to the information page. Below you will find guidelines on
  • Product Samples
  • Reviewing LisaLise Products
  • Becoming a Skin Care Product Tester
  • Becoming a cKc Product Tester
  • Advertising
  • Article Submissions
  • Link exchange

Are You Interested in Samples?

I truly wish I could give samples of my products to anyone who showed interest, but am unfortunately unable to do so.

It is therefore rare that I even have samples in stock. When I do have them, they have been produced specifically for a giveaway, special, or campaign or special test group.

Follow this blog for updates on giveaways and sample offerings.

Are You a Beauty Blogger Looking to Review LisaLise Products?

I don't require you have over a certain amount of readers, but I do require a screenshot of your stats and a description of why you are interested in testing and reviewing LisaLise products.

If I agree to create custom products for you, you must be prepared to disclose personal information to me: for example
  • your skin and hair type 
  • your regular skin and/or hair care routine 
  • the names of the specific products you use at present
  • challenges in your skin and/or hair care 
  • if you have any allergies 
  • and there will be more before I can even start making your products

All information you provide me with will be kept in the strictest confidence. The process from initial contact to delivery of the samples/products takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on my schedule.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Skin Care Products Tester?

If you are interested in testing LisaLise products, please contact me (info on the sidebar) with 'LisaLise product tester' in the heading and a complete description of

  • your age
  • your skin type
  • your regular skin care routine 
  • your present skin care challenges 
  • which types of products you are particularly interested in testing (cleansers, moisturizers etc).

NOTE: At present (2016), I have more testers than I can use.

Are You Interested in Becoming a cKc Hair Products Tester?

If you are interested in testing products from the cKc series, please contact me (info on the sidebar) with 'cKc tester' in the mail heading and include a complete description of

  • your hair type (2a, 4c, etc etc)
  • your age
  • your approximate hair length (stretched)
  • present hair care routine
  • present hair care challenges 

Please note: Due to the crippling prices of postage, I can at present (2016) only accept testers on the European side of the pond.

Are You Interested in Placing an Ad on This Blog?

The only ads you will find on this blog are my own - for my shop, website, or services. I do not offer ad space.

Are You Interested in Submitting Material to This Blog?

LisaLise blog is a personal online journal of my work, research, product development & testing, and observations about the cosmetics industry.

I do not accept or publish articles written by others, nor engage in monetary exchange for writing about certain subjects or products.

Are You Interested in L
ink Exchange?

Sorry. I don't do link exchange and find the practice unethical. If you place a comment that contains a link designed to function as a search engine optimizer, it will be deleted.