Leave-on Moisture Boosting Mask

This is a formula I created for a regular client who requested a moisture boosting product for her after-sun routine earlier this year.

The brief:
My skin feels extra thirsty every time I've been in the sun and I need something that I can really layer on and will really sink in and hydrate.

My immediate thought was to create a leave-on mask – a product that could be applied as thickly as desired and would not even need to be removed.

Sometimes, the cleverest thing you can do is to go with your first thought.

I did.

As I know this client's skin pretty well, my aim was to create something she could not only slather on, but also something she could walk around wearing without looking like she had layered on a mask.

The formula turned out so well, I've already refilled orders. I have been enjoying it on my (much older) skin as a mask, cleanser, and even as a hydrating gel.

Want to Know What's in it?

The formula is really quite simple and has a relatively short ingredients list:

  • aloe vera 
  • rose hydrosol 
  • cucumber extract 
  • panthenol 
  • (hand-crafted cucumber) glycerite 
  • preservative

Do Tell

Do you sometimes get ideas for a formula like a flash of inspiration too? Please share in a comment below.