Summer Skin Routine

It's the middle of summer and we all want to be outdoors, active, relaxing, or just generally doing something other than everyday drudgery.

Me too.

During summer, I actually use less time on skin pampering (not that skin pampering is drudgery!)

But during summer, quality moisturizing with less effort is desirable.

I've had a few questions from you lovely readers about my summer skin regimen, so here it is: my all-time fave summer skin regimen.

This simple skin care program works equally well at home or traveling, and not all of it involves pricey, custom-made products either.

LisaLise Morning routine

Raw honey straight up on bare skin. Apply, massage lightly, rinse.

Spritz of hydrosol skin mist (my fave is rose, but I will also use a mix of herbals)

Eye serum (I use this one year round)
10 drops of face oil
Lotion bar or whipped butter on feet/heels

LisaLise During the Day Pick-Me-Up

Spritz hydrosol skin mist generously (I'm addicted to hydrosols and always have these in my purse, at my desk, in my pocket)

LisaLiseEvening Routine

Gel cleanser (this one removes any make-up and cleanses my skin without drying)

Spritz of hydrosol skin mist

Eye cream (I am usually testing a new batch or formula)
Face cream (I am forever testing a new batch or formula)


Foot pampering is one of the things I do seem to find extra time for during summer. Here's my fave foot soak treat.


María Zamora said…
What an interesting post, and I did not see it (feed readers, grrrrr...)
My routine is quite simple:
In the morning, clean-tone with a home made micellar water (I change recipe everytime by changing the hydrosol depending on my mood or what I fancy). Moisturize with the cream I make myself. As I change the recipe all time becasue I like to try different things, I have a different one every month or so XD
For the night, clean skin with mild cleanser (it's a home made version of "angel on bare skin") and tone with a hydrosol (rose, orange blossom, bamboo, mint [diluted], it depends).
I don't like to use moisturizing for the night because I think the skin needs to "breathe" and regenerate by itseld, so I just simply cleanse it with a non-irritating product and leave it for the night.
Lise M Andersen said…
HI María - it sounds like you are giving your skin everything it needs. I 'm intrigued by your mention of bamboo hydrosol - did I understand correctly?

I'm also intrigued by your statement of the skin regenerating on its own without help - why you don't use a night cream. :)