Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tattoo Soothe Winners

Either not many people are getting ink done, or the glitchy commenting problems that have been happening on and off on Blogger are to be blamed.

Whatever the reason, everyone is a winner today!

Several folks who are in contact with me on other social media (twitter, vine, Facebook) have let me know they were unable to leave a comment for this giveaway (or other posts!).

I really hate running into glitches when I try and get something done online, so I can imagine how frustrating this may have been for you if you have been trying to comment!

I apologize.

And I promise to get the silly commenting situation ironed out ASAP.

Meantime, everyone who was able to post a comment is a winner!


That means, congratulations to:


Send me your address (lise@lisaliseDOTcom) and I'll have your Tattoo Soothe in the mail immediately!


Lise M Andersen said...

testing new comments function

Lise M Andersen said...

testing comments function from cell phone

Boony said...

testing from my computer using Firefox

Baard Meidell Johannesen said...

i'll scratch your blog if you scratch mine..


Rikke said...

Hej Lise

Det ser ud til, at det går fint med at kommentere.

Nu gør jeg det fra min arbejdsps. Skal nok lige prøve fra den private Windows 8-pc, når jeg kommer hjem.

Ved du, hvor der er billigere fragtpriser end Urtegården? 60 kroner for at få tilsendt et par lipglosshylstre er da helt oldnordisk.

Kh Rikke

Rikke said...

Så kommer der lige en kort kommentar fra privaten. Ser ud til at virke :-)