Lola's Easy DIY Mud Wash for Hair

Lola Zabeth is a bit of a natural hair pioneer. She has been researching, developing and testing hair care solutions for natural curls, coils and kinks for years.

Pictured above is her hand holding a dollop of her latest hair cleansing and conditioning creation. It consists of only 4 ingredients: bentonite clay, powdered honey, powdered slippery elm and aloe vera.

Lola writes:
I’ve been using this consistently for nearly a month now, and without a doubt it is the best cleanser I’ve ever used. With every use, my hair and scalp have felt uber clean, without being stripped. The tresses were so soft, that I skipped conditioning all together. My curls stayed springy and required much less moisturizing through the week.
Click here for the full recipe and how to at Lola's homepage


Lola Zabeth said…
Hey Lise!
Thx for sharing--hope you're doing peachy:)