2 Years and It's Still a Party


LisaLise blog: 2 years
Enjoyment factor: 100%
Cake: Yes please

Special hugs to the following folks for your inspiration, support, interest and all around general fantasticity? fantasticalability?.... fantastic-ness!! 

for inspiration, opening my eyes to the world of curls, and being the coolest on the entire planet. Yay Lola!

for your witty, sharp, entertaining posts and inspiration – beauty science at it's best (with a generous dose of huggamuffinness)

for being such a patient and magnanimous teacher and inspiration to both newbies and oldbies. Go Susan!

for your passion, energy and all around sweetie-pie-ness

for your fabulous food and always serving it up with an inspirational read

for keeping a sharp eye and total focus on the truth about personal care products. Go Lisa!

for your inquisitive nature, honesty, and integrity

for asking unpopular questions, writing about them, and speaking your minds. Go Powder Tins!

for your integrity, patience, honesty, and always taking the time to check things out

for sharing, giving, asking questions and keeping me on my toes. Yay Rikke!


Thank you for reading, commenting, questioning, inspiring, and making blogging a fabulous experience!


Anette Kristine said…
Og tak for for dig kære Lise, for at gøre os alle klogere og huske tilbage på alt det vi andre går og tumler med. Kram.
Boony said…
I'm with Anette! Thanks Lise for all the work you put in to keeping this blog up to date and for all the research and development you do for your customers! I love following along! :)
Stephanie said…
Congratulations on two wonderful blog years Lise! You are constantly inspiring, educating, and giving so much to your readers... thank YOU!
Lise M Andersen said…
@Anette - Tak!!

@Boony - Thank you Boony! And thanks for following along. :)

@Stephanie - Aww shucks.. it's comments like that that keep me going! Yay!
Rikke said…
Så vågnede jeg også op og kom forbi til fødselsdagsselskab. Selv tak søde Lise. Fornøjelsen er helt på min side. Jeg nyder at læse med her hoe dig. Og så er det bare så fedt at kunne gå til dig og få svar og kommentarer når jeg har brug for din ekspertise!

Knus Rikke
Lise M Andersen said…
Altid en fornøjelse Rikke! Stor knus herfra :)