Monday, April 16, 2012

Lead in Lipstick? Canada Fights Back With Facts

Last year, a cartoon-film about 'toxins in cosmetics' went viral and caused mass uncertainty. The film by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics succeeded in making many people afraid of using personal care products such as soaps, baby products, cosmetics, make-up and more. It was a real cleverly crafted bit of marketing that certainly achieved what the makers set out to do: cause fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Now the Canadian Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association have responded with their own film entitled The Safety/Risk Equation. Echoing the styling of the original, the Canadian reply addresses the half-truths and misinformation circulated by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics with facts.

My review: informative and entertaining. A must-see for seekers of facts about the safety of cosmetics ingredients. Go Canada!


Stephanie said...

It's always good to hear/see both sides of any issue, but after seeing that video I'm still left with the "who should I believe?" question. Two sides, each with an agenda, each saying the exact opposite thing... so confusing!

Lise M Andersen said...

HI Stephanie. I think the message of the Canadian film is to see the whole equation. The original film by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics was only giving you half of the equation. That distorts the picture. The Canadians do definitely answer the lead in lipstick straight out. I know I couldn't even come close to eating 5 lipsticks a day to achieve the dangerous levels described by the campaign for safe cosmetics.

OrganicLassie said...

Hi LisaLise, thanks so much for posting up this video! I recently posted up the Safe Cosmetics video on my blog, but for me it was lacking in context. Seemed very pressure group in it's approach. I think it's great the Canadians have made something where they helped you to make your own informed choices. Much more sense! :)

Lise M Andersen said...

You are most welcome OrganicLassie! Like Stephanie writes above, it's good to hear/see both sides of an issue. :)